SEO and Content Management System

SEO and Content Management System With the Growing Popularity For Content Management Systems (CMS)

We provide CMS web design services that are in high demand for small to medium sized businesses. Wanting to grow revenue streams online. CMS websites can be managed by the site owner by logging into a control panel and updating the website content and look with the tools provided.

Website more than a brochure

Before it used to be enough to just have a web presence, but with the ever increasing fast pace of business online most businesses need more from their website. A CMS websites provides Business with the tools to keep the latest information on their site, syndicate their business information across multiple web platforms, keep in touch with clients and potential customers, promote special offers and much more. All this can be done using the CMS, without having to employ a web designer to make changes for them.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines like Google love WordPress and Joomla websites. They tend to index their pages and posts quickly and check active sites regularly for updates. This helps you get your business in the search engines and eventually up the ranks. RSS Links to Search Engine and customers.


CMS websites are user-friendly, and once you get the hang of it’s basic features you’ll have the power of web publishing at your finger tips.

Selection Of Website Themes

CMS site use templates or themes to control how the site is displayed in browsers. There are hundreds of excellent free web themes to choose from and you can also buy professional themes, usually for less. Themes can also be customized by your web designer so your site has a unique look and feel, and ties in with your branding.

Plugins and Play

The real power behind CMS websites like Joomla and WordPress is the vast array of plugins that are freely available for these platforms. Plugins extend the functionality of your website allowing you to add galleries, SEO tools, automatic social networking tools, manage content.

CMS Community Support

CMS web designers will provide some support and you can also seek assistance from the huge online community that use CMS websites. The community is very helpful and willing to share their knowledge and experience of working with CMS.

Social Network

You can also have communicate with your clients and industry colleges through the social commenting features of CMS sites. And if you don’t want this feature you can simply switch them off.

The many benefits of CMS web design services have contributed to their massive growth in popularity over the past couple of years which is still growing. With over 25% of the internet using some form of CMS.