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Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation in Kerry Ireland

  • An intention to De-Stress?
  • A willingness to release Anxiety?
  • A belief that you are capable of quietening your mind??
  • A desire to live in the Present?
  • A knowingness of being able to deal with depression yourself?
  • A need for a better nights sleep?
  • A hunger for a more Peaceful and calmer you?

If you yearn to finally have the ability of finding the Peaceful space within and then be able to reside there, moment by moment it is no accident that you found us. This work can assist you in achieving this… and so much more.

I teach with Passion and an inate knowledge, a range of Simple Skills, energy tools and techniques to enable you take control back of your life.

If you are new to Meditation365 and would like to learn more about Meditation and Mindfulness and how you can benefit from these practices, please explore further