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Concept before design

The idea of a web site, is to support the goals of your business – it cannot be the beginning and end in itself. A web site is more that an online brochure, and a well designed web site integrates Good navigation and usability.

Design, navigation, usability

The basis for a good design is, it should always be obvious to your visitors how to get where they want to go on your web site, and it should be impossible to get “lost”. Always link you logo to your homepage

Technology used

Websites should be a powerful medium, in that it is interactive, and it provides access to an your deals, products or services. A good website design should take advantage, providing your visitors with easy access to the information, products or service you provide, while making their whole experience stimulating and satisfying.

Our Process

Free Consultation we begin with a free initial consultation via e-mail, by phone, or in person if you are located in the area. At this stage we identify the objectives/goals of your business or organization, and then review the products, services, information or resources you have to offer.

Evaluate the needs

We will also evaluate the need for your own domain name and your web site hosting options. Usually on this we will provide you with a web site and outlines the content and navigational structure.

Hosting by web design Ireland

The next step is to upload the website our Hosting accounts. We will thoroughly test it in order to validate all hyperlinks and e-mail addresses, to make sure that all forms, buttons, Java scripts, etc. work properly, and to test browser compatibility, screen width, and colors.

At this point you are welcome to review your web site and request any changes you would like

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